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“CSI: Miami” star David Caruso — very likely the best redheaded sunglasses-reliant actor of our generation — is being sued by his ex-girlfriend with whom he has two children.  Lisa Marquez dated Caruso from September 2004 until she gave birth to his second child in October 2007, at which point “Caruso allegedly served her with a paternity action and a note from his attorney that read, ‘reconciliation is not an option,’ thus ending their relationship.”  Stand by for a laundry list of dirty laundry:

Marquez claimed to be the target of a barrage of “tirades” and “emotional and mental abuse” over her interactions with other men… In [one incident], he allegedly “became enraged” that she had spoken with Greg Kinnear at a Jane Goodall event in Malibu, Calif., and had a similar response on a plane trip when she recognized Billy Dee Williams…

[W]hen she became pregnant with their first child, he allegedly “asked [her] to exercise her option not to continue with the pregnancy,” which she refused. During her pregnancy, he allegedly told her, “I guess for now you’ll just be a birthing cow” and would isolate himself from her in private to watch “Seinfeld” reruns.

After Caruso allegedly began spending time at a second residence, Marquez claimed to have discovered “significant amounts of pornographic materials,” including a “stash of 1970’s pornography.” 

Well of course he went on tirades and was abusive.  She was a total drag who kept getting pregnant.  “Looks like this girl I dumped wants one more date.”  **puts on sunglasses** “In court.”

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