David Cassidy’s Daughter Opens Up About The Death Of Her Father, And Shares His Last Words

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David Cassidy’s death at the age of 67 brought the classic TV and pop star’s life to a close earlier this month. It wasn’t even a year since the singer revealed he was diagnosed with dementia, but he was quickly admitted to the hospital with organ failure and his family informed that time was short. Losing a loved one is always difficult and Cassidy’s daughter, Katie, broke her silence about his passing and what she took from it with a Twitter post on Friday.

She opens her message by thanking all those who reached out and offered support over the past weeks before sharing David Cassidy’s poignant final words:

“My father’s last words were ‘So much wasted time’. This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute….thank you.”

While it might seem like a shady story to cover, there is a lot to hold onto in those few words. As Katie Cassidy points out — joining many who have realized the same in the past — life is very short.

It might not be on the same level as Warren Zevon’s “enjoy every sandwich,” but the message is clear. Cassidy performed up until he announced his dementia diagnosis and retirement in February 2017 and likely thought he would be continuing on before it happened. But even with his career, Cassidy still ended up in the same place that most normal folks end up. It just is something to hold onto as you go through life and try to make the most of everything.

(Via E! News)