David Cross And Amber Tamblyn Had The Most Charmingly Perfect Wedding Ever

We’ve already established that love is dead and nothing matters anymore, what with the separations of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett and Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. *listens to “Die, Die My Darling” for 47th time today* But from the ashes of their doomed marriages comes a brand new one: David Cross and Amber Tamblyn’s, who, if Questlove’s Instagram account is to be believed (and why wouldn’t it?), had the kind of wedding we all wish we had/will have. Amy Poehler, Jon Glaser, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal were there. Yo La Tengo played music. Questlove DJ’d. SOMEONE HIRED A JACKIE GLEASON IMPERSONATOR.

I’m so charmed that I’ve decided to take my analrapist stocking off my head and settle down with a nice lady.

Kristen Schaal & her husband Richard. #weddinginthewoods

Testing my panoramic option on iPhone. This was breakfast at the camp grounds #weddinginthewoods

Celeb Impersonators were hired to entertain us. Bang! Zoom!! #weddinginthewoods

My assistant @zarahzohlman & Jason Ritter at the cocktail shindig. James Mcnew of Yo La Tango in background #weddinginthewoods

Jon Glaser & the cats from Yo La Tengo chillin #weddinginthewoods

Ceremony #weddinginthewoods

Princess Amber arrives in style #weddinginthewoods

Sir Cross awaits his queen #weddinginthewoods

Bliss #weddinginthewoods

Interpretive Dancing #weddinginthewoods

Blisters Make People Smile #weddinginthewoods

Team Aim-Erica #weddinginthewoods

Yo La Tengo: Wedding Band Supreme. #weddinginthewoods

Cheese Cake #weddinginthewoods

Cut The Cake #weddinginthewoods