David Cross Reflects On His Career While Setting His Mouth On Fire With Hot Sauce

What’s the point of interviewing someone if the inside of their mouth isn’t bubbling in agony during the chat? First We Feast has figured out that Frost/Nixon would be much better if both parties butts were on fire from hot sauce ingestion and we’ve been blessed with the popular Hot Ones series as a result. As Key & Peele can tell you, there are easier ways to promote your upcoming project.

David Cross popped by the series to brutalize his mouth and have a friendly back-n-forth about his career while doing so. A bonus episode to commemorate the silliness that was National Chicken Wing day, the Mr. Show alum touches on assorted projects he’s worked on (an Arrested Development trivia round makes an appearance) while eating wings of escalating sauce heat alongside host Sean Evans. Although Cross is left baffled by why someone would need a whole bottle of novelty level hot sauce, he manages to be a worthy competitor during the whole affair. The comedian admitted that his wife, Amber Tamblyn, even tried to talk him out of this Hellraiser-esque endeavor, but it looks like everything panned out even with the tongue blistering conditions.

We need the Roland Duchene Hot Sauce Tasting Network now more than ever.

(Via Feast We Feast)