David Cross Will Guest Star In A New Dungeons And Dragons Episode Of ‘Community’

Community has already lined up Walton Goggins, Jonathan Banks, Vince Gilligan, Mitch Hurwitz, Nathan Fillion, and Tim & Eric, among many others, for guest spots in its upcoming season, so the fact that there’s another famous person coming to Greendale isn’t exactly brain-vaporizing news. But it’s the details of this one — oh, the details — that make it important: According to Vulture, Arrested Development and Mr. Show star David Cross will appear in an episode this season. As Jonathan Banks’s character’s “bitterly estranged son.” And his character “joins the study group for, at the very least, the second most important game of Dungeons & Dragons ever.” Yup. Yup yup yup.

I feel like we’re two, maybe three, days away from finding out that Nicolas Cage will guest star in a new paintball episode this season. I’ll die.