David Faustino Says Bud Could Be A Shoe Salesman In That Ill-Advised ‘Married With Children’ Spinoff

TMZ’s cameras happened upon David Faustino over the weekend and of course pounced on the opportunity to ask him about the ill-advised Married With Children spinoff focusing on Bud Bundy. For the most part Faustino played coy, but joked that Bud would be working at Al’s store when asked if his character would be a shoe salesman. So sorry about that, Sony Pictures Television, because a TMZ reporter almost definitely guessed the idea for your Bud Bundy spinoff.

My favorite part about this is how excited David Faustino gets when the reporter asks him about his DJ career, essentially plugging his hip hop show — lest anyone forget that Grandmaster B is still basically just a slight variation of David Faustino. This spinoff could probably be a reality series and no one would know the difference.

(Via TMZ)