David Harbour Meets The Real ‘SNL’ Boss In The Promo For His Upcoming Episode

On the heels of Aidy Bryant’s scene-stealing character break and Pete Davidson’s second absence, the third episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 45th season is nearly upon us. To celebrate this fact, the show debuted a new promo with guest host David Harbour of Stranger Things fame. Bryant and new cast member Bowen Yang also starred in the short sketch, which sees Harbour meeting the real overlord of all things SNL and NBC-related: the peacock.

“There’s a problem in my dressing room. I think you should come take a look,” he tells Bryant and Yang. When they follow him into the room, they’re all presented with the aforementioned bird. “He does whatever he wants. He’s our boss,” Bryant explains. “He has a lot of very powerful friends in the industry.” “And abroad,” adds Yang. The pair insists Harbour “make the best of it,” but caution him against any and all interactions with the peacock due to his penchant for biting.

Considering the actor’s past interactions with another species of bird, one would assume that he would have no problem getting along with the NBC peacock. And in the end, he does just that, as the promo concludes with Harbour knocking back a cold one and asking his roommate about Stranger Things.