David Letterman And Ryan Lochte Had An Awkward Night

04.23.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

When tonight’s late-night lineup was released, the marquee match-up immediately became Letterman vs. Lochte. One of the funniest men of the last few decades gets to spar with inarguably one of the 37 dumbest people in the world, so the potential for a legendary meeting was there. Unfortunately, things got awkward really quickly as Dave didn’t really seem to know much about Lochte, opting to quiz him on his medals instead of asking more questions about his, y’know, being dumb.

Things fell off the rails rather quickly as Dave asked the basic, “what’s your favorite stroke” to which Ryan replied “honestly I don’t know.” Dave’s response was a funny “well is there anyone I should call about this?” The funniest moment came when Lochte inexplicably described his show as promoting “swimming awareness” as opposed to the honest “the show is about me making Honey Boo Boo look like Ben Stein,” which is what he should have said. Oh well. Maybe Dave will get another shot at a truly memorable interview with Lochte next time.

Here’s video of the interview…

— The big winner of the night was our good friend A.J. Clemente who got fired for opening his first night as a news anchor with the ever-appropriate “f*cking sh*t.” He was the subject of Letterman’s Top 10 and Fallon dedicated a chunk of his monologue to the poor guy. If that’s not a call to give him his job back I don’t know what is.

— Easily the funniest guest was Trevor Moore who stole the show on Leno. In the above clip, you get his video on the Pope and a description of what it’s like to direct little kids dancing on stripper poles. For what it’s worth, Diane Keaton had a blast.

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