Jon Stewart, David Letterman And Trump Jokes Made An Appearance At The USO’s 75th Birthday Bash

Obamas And Bidens Attend USO Comedy Show For Military Appreciation Month
Getty Image / Drew Angerer

Former talk show hosts and current beard models Jon Stewart and David Letterman made the trek to Joint Base Andrews to help the United Service Organizations celebrate their 75th birthday. Just look at Barack Obama staring at those post-work beards and wondering if it’s worth it!

The Maryland-set event saw the Obamas and the Bidens in attendance and expressing their gratitude to members of the military and their families. If you’re suffering from Stewart era Daily Show withdrawal, you’ll be happy to know that the comedian/director/wrestledude presented a smidge of commentary on Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. It came about while taking a playful jab at VP Joe Biden.

“He’ll say whatever he kind of thinks of, whatever comes to his mind, sort of impulsive,” Stewart said of Biden. “Sometimes, you might think to yourself, ‘That sounds crazy,’ or ‘Man, that is crazy.’ And who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination.”

“Don’t worry, Trump’s going to keep you busy,” he told the military crowd. “You’re going to have to repaint all the planes with ‘Trump’ in big gold letters.”

This is no doubt incredibly exciting news for the country’s gold paint industry. Also of note was an enormous beard and the Letterman attached to it presenting a birthday cake at the USO bash. The former CBS 11:35 staple commented on how the public is responding to his current look.

I’m “happy to be out of the house,” said Letterman, who ended his run on “The Late Show” last year. “I had a funny thing happen to me: A fellow came up to me before the show and he said, ‘We love what you do, we love your writing, we love what you mean to the country, we love your poetry.’ And I said, ‘Who do you think I am?’ And he said, ‘Walt Whitman.’”

David Letterman appears to be comfortably nestled into his retirement, but Jon Stewart has a project on the horizon that could see him providing some form of HBO-based content before election season closes. Just something to think about.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)