David Letterman Showers ‘Norm Macdonald Live’ With Praise In The First Teaser For The New Season

Fact #1 — Former Late Show host David Letterman is technically retired, but cannot seem to stop himself from maintaining a regular, relevant presence in American pop culture. Fact #2 — Norm Macdonald, a wonderful stand-up comedian who insists he’s not the “anti-comic” fans say he is, is late night television’s agent of chaos and a longtime friend of Letterman.

Ergo Letterman’s forthcoming appearance on Norm Macdonald Live, a self-made streaming talk show the comic started in 2013 as a free weekly audio and video podcast series. The irreverent program, whose episodes vary in length from an hour to an hour and a half, presents listeners and viewers with the Canadian comedian at his best. Since the summer of 2014, however, Norm Macdonald Live hasn’t published episodes as regularly as it did during the initial run.

Per the above teaser featuring Macdonald and Letterman, however, that’s all about to change on July 25th with the arrival of what’s being billed as a whole “new season” of Norm Macdonald Live. And if Letterman’s previewed compliments are any indication, fans will be getting more of Macdonald’s particularly irreverent style of talk show hosting more often than in previous years.

“Do you watch your own show?” Letterman asks, “[because] I’ve watched it, and I’ve talked to other people who find it compelling. You can’t take your eyes off. So there. Whatever it is you’re making up, whatever qualities you’re fabricating here, you yourself possess them.” Unable to stomach the compliments without laughing nervously, Macdonald ponders, “But imagine if you were doing it?”

“Well imagine if you were doing it!” Letterman retorts. “Well what’s the matter? I’ve done it for 30 years. I don’t want to do it anymore. You do it! You can do it. I don’t want to do it. I’ve done it.”