Jimmy Kimmel Gets The Mean Tweets Treatment Himself Thanks To David Letterman, Jon Stewart And More

In honor of Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday, a slew of celebrities turn the tables and read some mean tweets about the host himself during the all-star celebration. Ray Romano introduces the bit that includes everybody from Michael Keaton, Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, Tracy Morgan, and many, many more. There’s no shortage of vitriol to be spread around, like a crop dusting of dickery posted online for all to see.

No birthday is complete unless Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bridges, and Stephen Colbert combine to read tweets calling Kimmel a big giant turd and comparing him to Hephaestus for some odd reason. If you get Will Ferrell to say that your show “blows brown donkey balls” on national television, you know you’ve succeeded a bit in your 50 years on this planet.

The surprising absence is Matt Damon because this seems like a segment that would be right up his alley given their feud. But Ben Affleck is a guest on the show, so he’s sure to do something to help further this feud into new places — or the same places since it really isn’t going to end at this point. But seeing David Letterman pop back up on our television screens isn’t exactly a bad trade.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)