David Letterman Shares A Wonderful Story About Fatherhood Inspired By The Foo Fighters Song, ‘Miracle’

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10.16.14 10 Comments

On the third night of the Foo Fighters stay on The Late Show With David Letterman, the host took the stage to share a personal anecdote about the song “Miracle.” In this web-only video uploaded to the show’s YouTube channel, Letterman talked about his son, Harry, who was born in 2003. Harry understood that his dad couldn’t do the things other dads could because of his age. After all, Dave was 56 when Harry was born. “Years and years and years ago, when I became a father, I recognized I was older than most fathers and so did my son. And so I said I have to find something I can do with my son and we can do it together.”

So the two went skiing in Montana. Weeks later, the ski instructor sent Dave a DVD montage of their trip, set to “Miracle” from the Foo Fighters. “This is the second song of theirs that will always have great, great meaning for me for the rest of my life.”

There’s been a lot of great moments this week with the Foo Fighters. But this? This was my favorite.

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