David Letterman Tried His Hardest To Get Ryan Reynolds To Reveal His Baby’s Name

Reminder: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a baby girl back in December, and no, they won’t tell you what her name is. Now it’s just getting super awkward though. Somehow it came out that the baby’s name was Violet but then Ryan Reynolds was like, no, it’s not Violet but we’re still not telling.

So on last night’s Late Show, David Letterman pulled out ALL of the stops trying to get Ryan Reynolds to reveal the name of his baby, including asking him if it were a family name, a biblical name, handing him a list of names and just spit-balling random names into the air. But Ryan Reynolds WILL NOT BE BROKEN. I assume he has a pretty good reason though, like the name is so special that if heard by common eardrums we might never be able to hear anything ever again. Perfectly reasonable.