Showtime Finally Released David Lynch’s Bizarre ‘Twin Peaks’ Comic-Con Video

David Lynch loves the absurd. His artistic output almost seems like he’s presenting an inside joke to the world. So what could a guy from Missoula, Montana’s intro to the Twin Peaks San Diego Comic-Con panel mean? Anything? Lynch himself said that cinema, specifically the cinema he creates, was like music — an abstraction, people want to make intellectual sense of.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to really dig into the layers of a Comic-Con panel video intro when it’s shown to just a few people behind closed doors, so we’re left with rumors of David Lynch fighting off horse intruders on behalf of his injured cat.

Thankfully, Showtime has finally released the bizarre two-minute video that shows Lynch doing his best to welcome Twin Peaks fans to San Diego. In various jarring segments with the classic Twin Peaks theme humming behind Lynch, the Blue Velvet director excitedly pries the last golf ball OJ Simpson hit before going to jail out of a (dead?) hand, then goes to battle off-camera in what seems to be an invasion on his studio. All of it is delightfully weird and very Lynchian. The guy has never met a non-sequitur (or random killing) he didn’t love.

If the panel only could’ve lasted longer, we could’ve seen the inside of a nuclear explosion or a damn fine cherry pie.