David Schwimmer Just Tossed A Bucket Of Cold Water On The Pending ‘Friends’ Reunion

Um, so what is it that we want from a Friends reunion exactly? Are we setting our vulnerable Gunther-esque hearts up for heartbreak when this much ballyhooed event comes round next month? According to David “RED ROSS” Schwimmer, we should all consider setting our expectations as low as possible.

America’s favourite Pallbearer addressed the subject while doing promo for his upcoming turn as Robert Kardashian in Ryan Murphy’s latest cable offering. Schwimmer’s comments make it clear that you have a better chance of moving into Monica’s rent-controlled apartment than witnessing anything approaching a “lost episode” going down at the NBC function.

“You know, I have no idea what’s expected of us,” Schwimmer told reporters after a panel for FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, in which he has a role. “I’m flying in that day so I’m just showing up.”

To be fair, showing up is a big part of reunions. It’s something that Matthew Perry won’t be able to do because the sitcom star aligning event, an NBC special honoring legendary TV director James Burrows, conflicts with the London rehearsals for his play The End Of Longing. (He might as well be in Yemen, really.) There’s the belief that Perry could still contribute in another capacity, so there’s definitely a shot you’ll see all six Friends cast members in their 2016 forms when the shindig airs on February 21st.

Are your expectations reconfigured? Yeah, ours too. Oh well. Play us out, Ross.

(via Mashable)