David Schwimmer Was Saying Juice On TV Long Before ‘American Crime Story’

As you’re likely aware, David Schwimmer’s Robert Kardashian loves to say “Juice” on American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. There’s a running count with some hefty stakes by our very own Danger Guerrero, and things looked a little grim after this week. Luckily, the folks over at Vulture have pointed out the clip above — posted by
Carly Ledbetter on Twitter — and changed the game a bit.

It seems that Schwimmer loves to drop “juice” and did so a good bit on Friends. And it makes me question just how much Schwimmer has done the same in his other roles. Is he asking about Uncle Juice in Kissing A Fool? Are we missing a few deleted scenes from Six Days Seven Nights where he’s asking about juice? A controversial and shocking scene with juice in Apt Pupil? That’s the next big investigation.

But just know that we might’ve been juiceless this week, but it’s not over yet. Kardashian is right there next to his best friend until the very end of the trial and he’s not about to let the juice flow away from him. Be patient.

(Via Vulture / Carly Ledbetter)