David Schwimmer And Rebel Wilson Face Off In A ‘Drop The Mic’ Rap Battle

After taking over The Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson, James Corden rebuilt the whole thing to be a musical bit delivery machine. But we can forgive the new showrunner’s lack of Geoff Peterson when it produces segments like his Lemonade parody, Carpool Karaoke and this excellent freestyle rap battle featuring David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson.

The “Drop the Mic” segment starts with Schwimmer and Corden trading verses. Corden’s definitely the better rapper — he’s done this before, after all — but both sides get in some decent jabs. Corden heckles Schwimmer about Friends being his only claim to fame with lines like, “Now you have the chance to prove you got balls / while I ignore you like Jennifer Aniston does your calls.” Schwimmer counters with the fact that Corden would have to be known in the first place to have a claim to fame, saying, “I’m not worried, no one heard a word that you said / the only people who watch your show are asleep or dead.”

Before Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts can announce a winner, Rebel Wilson enters in a boxing robe to lay the smackdown on both of the dudes. After she trashes Corden for being the least essential part of his own bits and Schwimmer for being a has-been, the Aussie actress emphatically drops the mic and walks away with the title.