Everyone Is Sending David Spade Pictures Of A Mural Featuring Him, Probably Because It’s One Of The Greatest Things Ever

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09.23.17 4 Comments

It’s pretty easy to confuse David Spade and Kurt Cobain. After all, they were both blonde scamps that’d pop by MTV every now and again. A meme designed to infuriate ’90s purists combined the two pop culture figures into one maddening swirl has now been transformed into an enormo-mural for all to see.

The gag is that Kurt Cobain and a goateed David Spade are similar looking enough to troll Nirvana fans. The quote’s a lift of Cobain’s Neil Young reference from his suicide note. Naturally, things have evolved from just being an image passed about online to a Lushsux mural done up in Linz, Austroa. It didn’t take long for the weird faux-tribute to grab a lot of attention.

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