Everyone Is Sending David Spade Pictures Of A Mural Featuring Him, Probably Because It’s One Of The Greatest Things Ever

It’s pretty easy to confuse David Spade and Kurt Cobain. After all, they were both blonde scamps that’d pop by MTV every now and again. A meme designed to infuriate ’90s purists combined the two pop culture figures into one maddening swirl has now been transformed into an enormo-mural for all to see.

The gag is that Kurt Cobain and a goateed David Spade are similar looking enough to troll Nirvana fans. The quote’s a lift of Cobain’s Neil Young reference from his suicide note. Naturally, things have evolved from just being an image passed about online to a Lushsux mural done up in Linz, Austroa. It didn’t take long for the weird faux-tribute to grab a lot of attention.

To answer the most pressing question beyond a big fat WHY, David Spade has seen this ’90s culture casserole. From the sounds of things, we can all stand down on sending the mural to him.

“Everyone is sending me this.” tweeted Spade on Friday.

If you’d like to take a moment to play “Territorial Pissings” at full volume while soaking in a Just Shoot Me rerun or six, that’s entirely your business. Elsewhere in Spade in America talk, the SNL alum’s memoir David Spade is Almost Interesting hits stores October 27th.