07.12.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

This is episode 1 of “Weiner Falls,” a “Dawson’s Creek” parody that doesn’t really parody “Dawson’s Creek” so much as infuse it with lots of phallic pranks.  Which is fine with me — force me to choose between satire and dick jokes, and I’ll take dick jokes every time.  (There’s more, too: Episode 2 is also excellent, though Episode 3 felt kinda flaccid.)

What’s up with spelling it “Weiner,” though?  I always thought “weiner” was pronounced whiner, whereas “wiener” was for hot dogs and penis jokes.  Can I get some German-American dickological humorists to weigh in on this one?  I’m a dickological humorist, but my linguistic concentration is French.  Suck my coq! **waves rubber chicken**

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