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As a promotion for the next season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” FX made this compilation of “Sunny” fans singing the famed “Dayman” from the show’s “The Nightman Cometh” episode.  (I’ve included the original clip of “Dayman” after the jump in case you’re not familiar).  “Dayman” is probably the only song that I like getting stuck in my head.  I’d get it as my ring tone, if I anyone ever called me.

And why the hell is “It’s Always Sunny” stuck on FX?  This is a Grade-A, genuinely funny sitcom trapped on a little-watched cable channel.  FX is owned by Fox — execs could easily call it up to the big leagues, but instead we get “The Cleveland Show” spin-off of “Family Guy.”  But I guess I shouldn’t expect more from the people who canceled “Arrested Development.”  They’re still working on the concept of breathing through their nose.

(video via NextRound.net)

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