‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Just Added A Little Piece of Charming To Its Cast

10.02.16 2 years ago


In the first part of tonight’s season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, viewers witness Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) continue making her way toward the American border in search of her ex-boyfriend and the love of her life. However, that journey stalls when car trouble leaves Ofelia stranded along the border. After successfully fighting off a crowd of zombies, Ofelia begins walking toward the the United States alone. However, on her way, bullets begin whizzing by her. Ofelia takes cover behind a tree, and a new character enters the scene holding a gun to Ofelia’s head.

“Buenos dias, senorita,” he says. “Welcome to America.”


With the sun shining behind him, it may be difficult to make out the actor’s face, but to longtime fans of Sons of Anarchy, it is an unmistakable visage. That’s Dayton Callie, previously Wayne Unser in Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood’s Charlie Utter.

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