NBC Is Looking To Make An ‘Office’-Style Comedy About The DC Comics Universe

If you’ve ever watched NBC’s hit comedy The Office and thought, “You know what this needs? Superheroes from DC Comics!” well, congratulations! You’re weird. You’re also about to get your wish, so congratulations for that, as well! This is sort of your lucky day.

Deadline is reporting that Ben Queen (creator of NBC’s A to Z), along with Warner Bros. TV, has landed a pilot deal with NBC to create Powerless. It follows employees at “one of the worst insurance companies in America” — it just so happens that this “America” also exists in the DC Comics Universe. Word is that the show will focus less on the superheroes and more on the employees and their day-to-day lives (thus the title).

Frankly, this seems like the most obvious direction to go in because there’s already eight thousand different DC Comics dramas floating around on different networks so far.

(via Deadline)