A ‘Major’ DC TV Character Is Coming Out Of The Closet

The CW’s DC TV shows have a bunch of gay characters with the attitude that it’s simply no big deal. Curtis Holt, on Arrow, is not only openly gay, but married with a husband we’ve met several times, and who managed to survive the season he was introduced in, to boot. Still, not everybody can come out of the closet early on in life, and apparently, that will hold true for a member of the DC TV series’ ever-growing casts.

Specifically, at a TCA panel, executive producer Andrew Kriesberg stated that:

One of the characters on one of the shows is going to be exploring their sexuality, coming out. We’re very excited about that.

It’ll be an interesting decision, but while fan speculation is running wild on Twitter, we’ve got no idea who it’ll be at this point. For all we know, Joe West or Martin Stein have spent a lifetime trying to figure it all out and finally break through next season. But it’ll be a good touch for the show to add, not least because no matter which show it’s on, it’ll probably crowd out whatever relationship drama we chatter through on the liveblogs waiting for the good stuff to start. Really, what would you rather watch, Cisco coming to terms with his sexuality? Or Iris acting like a millennial straight out of a bad thinkpiece about those stupid kids and their unrealistic expectations in the workplace?

(via Birth Movies Death)