Dean Cain Learned About The New Superman Movie On Kimmel Last Night

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06.14.13 16 Comments


With Man of Steel officially here and pantie-less, former portrayer of Superman, Dean Cain, is the most relevant he’s been since he was perfectly cast to play Scott Peterson, a man who was seemingly already doing a Dean Cain impersonation.

So good for Dean Cain for not taking himself too seriously and dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to pretend he thinks he’s still the guy who gets to be Superman (like there’s any time to fit that gig into an already hectic made-for-TV schedule). The above screengrab pretty accurately captures the whole thing, but I’m sure you’ll want to fully behold what is presumably the last time anything Dean Cain-related will ever appear on UPROXX, so here you go.

“Everything is changing.” — Dean Cain

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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