Dean Pelton From ‘Community’ Takes Us Through The ‘Breaking Bad’ Writers’ Room

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07.24.13 9 Comments

With only 17 DAYS remaining until Breaking Bad’s premiere The Sundance Channel has a new show premiering next week called, well, The Writer’s Room, which features host Jim Rash (Osca- winning writer of The Descendants and, of course, Dean Pelton on Community) basically taking the audience into the writer’s room of individual shows, where they’ll discuss their methods, so to speak. The premiere episode takes us inside the Breaking Bad writer’s room with Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, and a gaggle of other writers, many of whom look like high-school chemistry teachers.

Sundance has released a five-minute featurette for the first episode, and it’s pretty cool, if only because it allows us to see what it actually looks like inside the writer’s room. I think I was expecting something different: Ten guys holed up in an RV out in the middle of the desert, or Vince Gilligan holding court like Stringer Bell at a product meeting.

What it looks like, instead, is a shinier version of the situation room (or whatever they call it) in Homeland: A conference table, a lot of cork boards, and post-it notes with a lot of arrows. Somebody should blow up some screen grabs of the cork boards and see if they can get some insights into the final season and spin a few Breaking Bad theories.

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