Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Has, Predictably, Outraged Bigoted Netflix Subscribers

Netflix just dropped the trailer for their latest series, a show based on the 2014 indie hit Dear White People, and it’s outraged a loud group of dummies. How pissed are they? Well, there’s a small, vocal group demanding that Netflix either cancel the show or suffer the consequences of dealing with lost subscriptions from those who believe that the show promotes an “anti-white” and “anti-European” agenda. Some former subscribers, their cancellation notices posted prominently on Twitter, are already suggesting that the show is all about white genocide (which, I’ve got be real clear here, isn’t a thing).

What offends them about the show? It’s not exactly clear, although the title may have something to do with it. Apparently, since a show called Dear Black People wouldn’t be allowed to air — do we need it? — releasing one that targets whites for an “education” is racist and bad and shouldn’t ever see the light of day. Never mind that the show’s trailer, which features an African-American woman talking about how doing blackface at Halloween is unacceptable isn’t in any way traumatizing or outrageous. It’s simply discussing something which lots of people don’t understand is wrong.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Nothing to get too upset about, right? Wrong! Because the same vocal minority that calls liberals “special snowflakes” and has a rage stroke when the words “safe space” are whispered 100 miles away are now wringing their hands at the thought of television informing them that casual racism is alive, well, and thriving in 2017.

Of course, there’s some sanity, too. When ‘Dear White People’ started trending on Twitter, some people rolled in to explain that the show isn’t racist, that it’s about bridging divides, and, most importantly, that anyone cancelling their subscriptions over a show they don’t like is going to be missing out on a whole hell of a lot more than just that show.