Netflix Ends Its Cancelling Spree By Giving ‘Dear White People’ Another Season

Netflix has been on a bit of a cancellation spree lately, giving The Get Down, Girlboss, and Sense8 (although fans will be getting a two-hour finale in 2018) the ax in one fell swoop. However, fans of the streaming service should be pleased to hear that Dear White People, another freshman series, has been given the green light for season two.

Debuting earlier this year, Dear White People is a sequel series to the 2014 cult film of the same name. Focusing on lives of black students at a predominantly white Ivy League college, Dear White People is a sharp and thoughtful look at race, relationships, and modern activism. It managed to tackle serious topics in a funny and poignant way, choosing satire over preaching. The main characters were left at a political and emotional crossroads at the conclusion of the first season, so it’s good to see that their stories will get a chance continue.

Of course, because of its name, there was some controversy when it was announced. Racist Netflix users threatened to cancel their accounts and a hundred versions of the same “What if there was a Dear Black People?” tweet were sent out. However, if they bothered to watch the show, they probably would have realized that the show itself isn’t particularly concerned with white people and does a good job at pointing out the flaws in the system without creating straw men villains. We’ll see if the bigoted rage continues with a second season (it probably will).

(Via Variety)