Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Gets A New Trailer Narrated By Stan Lee

After years of build-up, and five series’ worth of episodes, Marvel and Netflix are about to reveal their take on the Avengers, The Defenders, teaming up Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and some dude with a nightlight for a hand nobody likes. So, of course, Stan Lee is brought into the mix, cutting him into footage from the past series.

Why, precisely, Lee is being driven in a black car and musing on the nature of heroism isn’t exactly clear. Maybe he just does that a lot; hey, we would too. Either way, it appears he’s being driven through the various Netflix series, observing the various heroes at work and narrating their internal drives and thoughts. Which we guess lends weight to the claim Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 made about his true nature. Sadly, he doesn’t end the trailer with “Exclesior!”

Yeah, there’s very little new footage; we just see a brief new bit from the hallway fight in the trailer, which indicates that at least a few people are going through walls instead of just getting a spinning backfist whipped off of them. Really, all we want is Jessica making more fun of Danny Rand. We’ll see if we get that August 18th.