The Deleted Scenes From The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Halloween Episode Are Great

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11.20.13 3 Comments

P&R halloween

Thanks to the big, old jerks at NBC who do things like not force Tina Fey to make 30 Rock episodes for eternity and push Parks and Recreation episodes back three weeks, we only just got to watch the Halloween episode or Parks and Rec last week. But the good news with that is it means that now we have a clip of the episode’s deleted scenes, and we can use this as Exhibit A when we all eventually form a class action lawsuit to make NBC turn Parks and Rec into a one-hour show.

In this three-minute clip, we get to see what Jerry/Garry/Larry chose as his Halloween costume and why he chose it, and of course it ends up being the result of someone playing a prank on him. Oh Larry, when are you ever going to learn?

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news for Larry. It looks like he does all right in this week’s episode.

Larry with cheerleaders

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