Even The Department Of Energy Wants Justice For Barb On ‘Stranger Things’

Everyone and their mother was obsessed (and honestly still is) with Stranger Things this summer, and one of viewers’ main beefs was with the Hawkins’ residents’ lack of concern over Barb’s disappearance. Sure, Nancy was kind of concerned, but our plucky redhead certainly deserved better. While the Duffer Brothers have vowed to address “justice for Barb,” fans are impatient for her to receive her due.

However, support for the ginger has arisen from an unlikely place. While the Department of Energy is shown as more than a little sinister in Stranger Things, the actual government organization has taken a lighthearted stance on portrayal. On top of the funny blog response, a writer from The Washington Free Beacon reached out to the organization to feel out the DOE’s internal chatter about the show. Not only did he receive a stack of over 100 documents regarding the shenanigans in Hawkins, but they DOE’s Twitter account sent their love to the Upside Down’s victim.

To all you superfans out there, you can read the entire document at The Washington Free Beacon if you so desire. Some of it is just people complaining about spoilers, but there is enough redacted information to give you just a little bit of paranoia. It will certainly give you something to think about while we wait for season two.

(Via The Washington Free Beacon)