Details From This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode That You May Have Missed

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06.07.16 13 Comments

It was another tumultuous episode of Game of Thrones, with a lot going on. Several plotlines are starting to converge in the Riverlands, while Arya’s situation with the Faceless Men has turned deadly serious. The Starks are finding out how hard it is to build an army in the face of terrible odds, and The Hound’s transformation to a peaceful man was cut short by the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Hidden in the background of several scenes were details we’re sure a lot of people missed. Here’s a couple of cool Easter eggs from “The Broken Man” we think you’ll appreciate.

A Familiar Face

Here’s Arya taking a closer look at a particular face in the Hall of Faces. Take a closer look at it.

Here’s the face as seen in the episode, and brightened so you can see her better.

It’s the same face used by the Waif to attack Arya. Does this point to Arya being really bad at this Faceless Men stuff? Or does it feed into a particular mind-blowing theory floating around the internet at the moment?

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