Determined To Break The Internet, Puppy Bowl IX Cranks Up The Adorable

The Puppy Bowl is set to return again this year on Animal Planet. Scheduled from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday (February 3rd), Puppy Bowl IX will have a new, adorable wrinkle: Cheerleaders. And not just any cheerleaders. They will be cheerleader hedgehogs. Little, furry creatures in cheerleader uniforms sticking their heads in toilet paper tubes, crinkling their noses, and breaking hearts while those big old puppies tear sh*t up.

There will be 63 puppies in competition this year, and in another first, Animal Planet will also deploy a Puppy cam, to give the viewers an “in your face” angles of the fierce, drooling, whimpering competitors. In addition to the usual Kitty Half-Time show, this year will also feature a puppy hot tub, where the competitors can take a break on the sidelines. I’m assuming it will look something like this:

Or maybe this.

At this point, the only thing missing from the Puppy Bowl is this:

(Source: Yahoo)

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