'Dexter' Fans Regularly Let Michael C. Hall Know How Much They Hated The Series Finale

Making fun of the final episode of Dexter will never get old. It was that hysterically (and graphically) bad. Put another way, the Dexter series finale did everything wrong that the Six Feet Under series finale got oh-so-right. Both shows star Michael C. Hall, of course, but only the fans of one series regularly approach the actor to tell him how much they hate lumberjacks. Hint: it ain’t the one set in a funeral home.

It isn’t that way for many Dexter devotees, though, since Hall still finds them coming up to him “all the time” to talk about the show. “They’ll ask me about the ending,” he confirms, “and tell me why they found it troubling or unsatisfying, or on the other hand, they want to distinguish themselves by saying they liked the ending. I think it would be really foolish or naive to think a stranger is coming up to me because they want to talk about the weather… (Via)

I would like to meet these people who “liked the ending,” and hit them in the head with a treadmill.

Via Zap 2 It