A ‘Dexter’ Star Isn’t Bothered By The Negative Reaction To The Much-Maligned Series Finale

The first four seasons of Dexter are very good (the John Lithgow season is the exception, because it’s great). Unfortunately, the Showtime series continued for four more seasons, culminating in a horrible cop-out of an ending. Once you see the lumberjack beard, you can’t forget the lumberjack beard, let alone the infamous treadmill scene from a few episodes earlier. No conversation about the worst TV finales ever is complete without “Remember the Monsters?” (which has a nearly identical IMDb user rating as “The Iron Throne”), although the episode does have its defenders.

Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski, who played fellow serial killer Hannah, was recently asked what it’s like to be associated with a — to put it charitably — “polarizing” finale.

“I appreciate both sides. I got a little bit of an insight into why they did what they did… It was just sort of about having Dexter have nobody and that that was kind of the ultimate jail in a way for him to not have anybody left. And then I get the fans as well,” the Handmaid’s Tale actress said during an episode of Collider Ladies Night. “I get that perhaps it wasn’t sort of the most dramatic ending that they had longed for. Maybe they wanted to see more blood and gore… It’s not my responsibility [laughs], so it doesn’t really bother me whether people liked it or not. It’s just something that I was a part of.”

Dexter had its problems near the ends of its run, its many, many problems, but the acting was never an issue. Strahovski, then best known for her role on Chuck, was a late-season highlight, and she and Michael C. Hall had strong chemistry together. Besides, she’s not the one who decided a 45-year-old man should be a child’s stunt double.

I needed to see it again.

(Via Collider)