‘Dexter’ Season Eight’s Biggest Mystery So Far: Who Is This Woman?

We’ll have the full recap of tonight’s Dexter episode up tomorrow, but in the meantime, when she appeared in the premiere episode of Dexter season eight, I thought that the black woman in the image above was the detective replacing Debra Morgan. She’s been in all three episodes this season, but has uttered nary a line.

Turns out, however, her name is Detective Angie Miller, and she’s been in the series since the beginning of season seven. What? Yes, she actually came in to investigate the murder of Detective Mike Anderson after he was shot and killed in last season’s premiere, but she was buried so deep into the background that few of us ever noticed her. This season hasn’t been much better, and if you’re thinking that perhaps the showrunners are intentionally pushing her into the background to reveal her as a major character — maybe even a serial killer — later in the series, I have sad news to report: According to IMDB, tonight’s episodes, “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” was her last in the series.

So long, Detective Angie Miller. I’d say we’ll miss you, but honestly, we barely knew you. Here are Angie Miller’s pictorial highlights from her time on Dexter.