But What If ‘Dexter’ Writers Wrote ‘Breaking Bad’?

Head Of Publishing
08.27.13 16 Comments

In yesterday’s next day Breaking Bad discussion a lot of you voiced your confusion and calls of bullsh*t as to how and when the light finally turned on for Jesse with regards to the ricin theft/Brock poisoning/Huell’s delicate hot dog fingers. Even Anderson Cooper didn’t know what the hell was going on. I personally felt like the groundwork had been sufficiently laid down and it made for a better reveal that they didn’t hold our hand through it. But, you know, I’m cursed with ridiculous perception skills and high cheek bones.

We can agree to disagree if you feel differently, but we should also agree that given some perspective as to how it probably would have been handled by other, much hack-ier writing teams, Breaking Bad’s version of divisive writing is still superior to everything else on its best day. To really hammer this home one Redditor created the below graphic to remind us all why we’re so damn lucky.

I take my Ghost Gales in karaoke performances videos only, thank you very much. Moral of the story: I think you know the moral of the story. Now how about that side of guac?


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