The Rumors About Diane Kruger Cheating On Joshua Jackson With Norman Reedus Took A Turn For The Weird

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Maybe you’ve heard about accounts of Diane Kruger allegedly cheating on her longtime partner, Fringe‘s Joshua Jackson, with The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus? Several celebrity gossip outlets have reported that Kruger and Reedus walked into a dive bar in East Village last week, ordered drinks and made out like teenagers. Apparently, Kruger was even seen straddling Reedus in a booth.

A rep for Norman Reedus, while admitting that the two were in the bar together, has denied that they were making out. Entertainment Tonight reports that Kruger and Jackson — who both starred in the movie Sky along with Norman Reedus — have not split, although they also report that Kruger was seen sitting on Reedus’ lap at the movie’s premiere. Meanwhile, Joshua Jackson is currently in the Philippines.

Where this story rounds the corner from “scurrilous celebrity gossip” to “weird,” however, is where Joshua Jackson’s dad weighs in with a defense of Diane Kruger. John Carter Jackson tells Radar Online that Kruger “was having a good time in the Village restaurant” and that “[Josh] would probably chuckle.”

Oh really?

“Basically I think Diane was been a wonderful influence on Josh so I wouldn’t say anything bad about her,” he explained. “Josh is just, in Hollywood this is rare, a really good kid.”

“Josh has been raised in a really tough business and I think he’s really a sweet kid and I think Diane is too. So you see I’m not going to say anything about or my attitude towards the particular incident. It’s up to them. Both of them a really neat people though. And believe me, having spent so much time in Hollywood, there’s a lot of people I would not say that about.”

You see, there’s nothing untoward going on here? Just a couple of consenting adults making out in a bar. “He’s wonderful and she’s wonderful. If they had a good party in the Village, I’m all for it,” John Carter Jackson added. They all seem like wonderful people to me, too.

An interesting irony here is that, 15 years ago, Joshua Jackson and Norman Reedus starred in a movie together called Gossip, which was about three college students who based their class project around gossip and how fast it spreads, which soon spirals out of control. It seems like the premise of that movie is unfolding for Reedus and Jackson in the real world now.

(That movie also starred Lena Headey, Kate Hudson, and James Marsden, meaning it had one hell of a great cast.)

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