Did ‘Dateline NBC’ Use This YouTuber’s Video Without Permission?

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07.23.14 6 Comments

I never thought I’d say this, but Jack Donaghy was wrong.



Nowhere in that chart does it read “take YouTube video without permission,” something that a YouTuber really noticed Dateline NBC was doing. How did he know? It was his video they were using.

An old rat trap video of mine became a subject of a murder investigation and was presented on NBC Dateline. The only problem was they never got my permission to use my copyrighted content. (Via)

Let me answer the two questions you want to ask:

1) What the hell does a rat trap video have to do with a murder investigation

-It involves bombs and toolboxes and bolts.

2) Is this legal?

-Maybe? There’s a big back-and-forth on Reddit about whether NBC could be in trouble for doing what they did, especially because it appears they removed the watermark on the original video. Now, I’m no big city lawyer, but it seems to me that even if NBC didn’t LEGALLY do anything wrong (and they might not have if you read YouTube’s Terms of Service, which, c’mon), it’s still in poor taste to not give the dude credit. Or if not credit, at least a $10 gift certificate to the NBC Store. Hellloooo, Friends t-shirt.

Via Reddit

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