Did [SPOILER] Really Die On ‘The Walking Dead’?

10.26.15 3 years ago 46 Comments

(If you hadn’t guessed, MASSIVE spoilers for The Walking Dead‘s season six episode three, ‘Thank You’, are below and in the video. So if you haven’t yet had your heart broken (or possibly just toyed with), stop reading now.

The Walking Dead likes to kill people off to keep the audience guessing (unless your name is Carol). By getting the audience attached to a character only to have them bite it, we know that no one is safe, which makes sense because this is a zombie apocalypse after all.

In this week’s episode, Robert Kirkman decided to once again let zombies be zombies and kill off the beloved Glenn Rhee. Or did he? Much to the shock of every Walking Dead fan, Glenn seemingly died after attempting to save everyone (once again) by creating a distraction for walkers (once again). Since there were no Dodge Challengers on hand, he and Nicholas tried to set fire to a building, only to be cornered by a herd of zombies. As Nicholas kills himself, he inadvertently knocks Glenn into the pack. As flesh is gobbled up by the walkers, he cries out in agony, leading many to believe that he’s a goner.

But did Glenn really die? We analyze just what led him and Nicholas to this point and look at the evidence for his death. And if he’s fine, can we ever trust a hungry zombie pack again? Do you believe Glenn is really gone?

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