Did The Obama Family Just Buy The ‘Magnum P.I.’ House In Hawaii?

A small Hawaii community is buzzing over the sale of the house that was used in Magnum P.I. due to rumors that the Obama family may be moving in after a transaction that involves a lot of moving pieces, associates of the president’s, and non-disclosure agreements.

Always Investigating reviewed the deed and mortgage and found the buyer is an LLC called Waimanalo Paradise, set up just last month, whose mailing address and contact is Obama donor and Chicago lawyer Seth Madorsky.

The deed and the mortgage are signed by a person with the same name, Judy Grimanis, as an executive assistant at a Chicago-based private capital firm run by Obama’s longtime friend and frequent Hawaii golf and travel partner Marty Nesbitt. It is also the same name of a person who worked for prominent Obama fundraiser Penny Pritzker’s companies.

According to KHON 2, the mortgage amount is for $9.5 million dollars, about $700,000 over the sale price. That would make sense, considering the security upgrades that the 1930s-built house would require, as well as the cost of buying a Ferrari 308 GTS and upgrading the guest house to meet Tom Selleck’s specifications.

Obviously, there is nothing that absolutely says that President Obama is behind the purchase or that he is ever going to set foot in this house, but let’s agree to dream on this for a hot minute. Maybe the president is a closet Magnum P.I. superfan whose real dream has always been to leave the constant push/pull of public life and move back home to Hawaii to wear aloha shirts, rock a serious mustache, work as a P.I., and have a crossover episode with a couple of locals who think they’re Simon & Simon. As Conan O’Brien pointed out in 2013, Obama’s former trusted adviser David Axelrod does look a lot like Higgins, so add that to the evidence pile, as well.

Thanks to all this mystery, we can’t say that this is impossible, and after almost seven years of dealing with Washington, doesn’t the president deserve a chance to live this dream? Don’t we deserve this, too? Frankly, I think the sheer awesomeness of a president playing out some kind of extended 1980s roleplay fantasy is the kind of thing that can unite us, but that’s just my wide-eyed optimism getting the best of me.

(Source: KHON 2)

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