Did ‘Veep’s’ Jonah Ryan Pay Tribute To The Greatest Alison Brie GIF Of All Time?

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04.22.13 8 Comments

I think that we can all agree that Veep‘s Jonah Ryan is the most obnoxious character on television, but unlike the runner-up, Manny from Modern Family, Jonah is at least someone we enjoy hating. He is hilariously awful, but he’s always good for a line or two (see, e.g., this week’s Veep’s Funniest, Meanest, and Most Vicious Lines). If you’re wondering if you’ve ever seen Timothy Simon — the actor who plays Jonah — before, you might recognize him from the above KFC commercial, which I believe was fairly pervasive for a short time. Yes, Jonah Ryan is the Wingmaster.

But that’s not why I have you here today. I have you here because, during a scene in the premiere episode last week, Jonah Ryan did something that look eerily familiar to me, but it took me until today to place it. Yes, I am talking about the “Alison Brie bukkake” GIF. Take a look.

The difference, of course, is that Jonah Ryan seems a lot more excited about it than Brie did.

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