Did You Catch The Cute ‘Firefly’ Reference In The Season Premiere Of ‘The Killing’?

Of course you didn’t, because that would’ve meant that you watched the season premiere of The Killing, and who is silly enough to do that? Actually, I was, and honestly, the season premiere was … it was OK. It has brilliant direction, and great acting, it’s just weighed down by the dreadful writing of showrunner Veena Sud. Sometimes, I feel like it’s a murder mystery version of a 1200 page Encyclopedia Brown story set in Seattle and directed with supreme competence. But at least there’s a serial killer at the center of this season’s investigation, and the rain machine deserves an Emmy. I will say this, too: Peter Sarsgaard is in the new season as someone on death row who may or may not have been wrongly convicted, and he is absolutely fantastic, as Sarsgaard always is. Elias Koteas is also in this season, so it’s a good enough reason (maybe) to keep up with it during the week when nothing else is on.

There’s another character in this new season, too: Jewel Staite, who many of us haven’t seen much of since Firefly, unless you’re a big Stargate Atlantis fan. She plays Holder’s live-in girlfriend in the series, and we were intrdduced to her via a cute little Firefly reference concerning Holder’s tattoo.

See the screenshot below.

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