Discovery’s New ‘King Of Summer’ Shark Week Commercial Is Profoundly Ridiculous

Here’s Discovery Channel’s latest commercial for Shark Week 2014, and the first that includes this season’s tagline, “King of Summer.” It’s kind of like if Old Spice made sharks. The ad features a mustachioed gentleman and his mermaid lover riding two great white sharks as he throws chum into the sky for a slew of airborne sharks around him to snack on. As one does. The whole thing is a significant improvement from their last commercial, which was basically a chainsaw-less version of the ending of Sharknado. (I mean, what’s even the point, you know?)

Shark Week debuts August 10 and will feature a show about glow-in-the-dark sharks. I can’t believe they didn’t work one of those in to this commercial. It’s like they always say, “If you have a chance to put a glow-in-the-dark shark in a commercial featuring a man riding sharks like water skis while dance music plays, you really have to pull the trigger.” That’s Advertising 101.

Source: Mashable