These Early 2000s Disney Channel Promo Bloopers Are As Cringey As It Gets

Sitting at home in the early 2000s and watching The Disney Channel, I used to nail that little “My name is Blah Blah and you’re watching The Disney Channel!” promo commercial. Nail it in one take every single time. While I like to think it was because I was an amazing actress who needed to be on Disney, the fact of the matter is it was just one measly line, not exactly a Braveheart-esque monologue. However, little did I know the excruciating ordeal Disney stars were being put through for that meaningless 10-second spot.

The editing company Guillotine Post has uploaded a bunch of behind-the-scenes bloopers of all your favorite early aughts Disney stars shooting “….and you’re watching The Disney Channel” clips on YouTube and my God! It’s just about the most awkward, cringeworthy thing you’ll see today. Who knew that one line required a crap-ton of takes and criticism? At one point in her shot, Lizzie McGuire’s Hilary Duff looks to be on the verge of tears, literally and sniffling and smiling through the pain of having to do take after take after take.

Perhaps it was because she thought the shoot was going to be a piece of cake, but Raven Symone of That’s So Raven appears enthusiastic early on. Her demeanor quickly changed however when the director had her do several takes and criticize each one. I’m no body language expert, but the look Symone shoots the director when he asks her to add in a word to the script could kill a man.

Yep, definitely a meme waiting to happen.

Check out a couple more bloopers below, including a “passionless” Lailane who was completely over it from the very beginning. Now I see why some child stars end up a little off-center.