Netflix Users Are Irate About The Disney Breakup On Social Media And Are Asking The Hard Questions

The powerful content creators that be are currently embroiled in a battle for our eyeballs between traditional cable, along with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and whatever else is out there (Twitch?), and now, CBS, because the new Star Trek looks really cool. Starting in 2019, streaming as we know it will drastically change.

As you’ve likely heard, Disney is pulling the plug on their relationship with Netflix and taking their stand-alone Marvel movies with them, along with all the content that falls under their massive umbrella. That means no more Star Wars, no more Pixar, no more ESPN documentaries. Gone. They’ll take this content and launch a brand-new Disney streaming service next to a dedicated ESPN service, with rumors flying they’ll possibly launch dedicated streaming services for their Star Wars and Marvel content as well. Those are a lot of streaming services, and it’s going to add up.

Imagine a world in which we have to pay for (overly expensive) internet service which usually comes bundled with basic cable, but we still have to spend $10 on Netflix, $7.99 on Hulu, $10 for Amazon Prime and whatever these Disney services cost? Especially if it’s ESPN, Disney, Star Wars and Marvel content. There are only so many dollars to go around, all while changes in net neutrality laws are hanging over the consumer’s head. What if ISPs throttle these massive streaming services to get their media to the viewer? It already happened between Comcast and Netflix. At some point, that cost will be passed on to the consumer, and things will get even more expensive.

Naturally, people are upset and confused. Some are really into the idea of a Disney streaming service — imagine being a parent who can put on every single Disney movie in existence for their happy kids — but when the dust settles, we could be looking at an expensive life of binge-watching our favorite superheroes and preferred animated characters go on hero’s journeys.

And so, questions are being asked. Frustrated questions. But some have a twinge of hope, and some are just .gifs because it’s the current year.