We Almost Got A Black ‘Doctor Who’ Before Peter Capaldi Was Cast

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06.02.16 4 Comments

Like the James Bond film series, the white male hero of the long-running British science fiction series Doctor Who is due for a change of casting in the coming years. And like Bond, many are calling for a drastically different choice when it comes to finding, auditioning and hiring a replacement for the titular role. That’s because, as great as Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor has been since he took over in 2013, many want someone who’s either non-white, female or both. Surprisingly, longtime showrunner Steven Moffat agrees.

The Scottish head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who told a fan magazine just as much while discussing Pearl Mackie, the West Indies actress recently hired to be the Doctor’s new companion. Specifically, Moffat revealed that the part was offered to a black actor prior to Capaldi’s casting:

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