Here’s What The Latest ‘Doctor Who’ Companions Have Been Up To Since Leaving The TARDIS

07.11.15 4 years ago 5 Comments

The Doctor is a space and time traveler known for his charisma and a shoddy sense of omniscience – he sometimes knows exactly what to do, and other times he just fakes it until things work out. But a character that has the knowledge of thousands of planets and alien species is hard for us commoners to relate to, which is why the writers of Doctor Who introduced the concept of companions. These earthlings don’t know that aliens or time travel exist before meeting the Doctor and spying his flying blue box. But after meeting him, their lives inevitably change and their journeys are often awe-inspiring… and I’m not just talking about what happens on the show.

In the new Who era, many of the Doctor’s companions have made a big jump to the big screen and other incredible jobs like hosting late night television and claiming big roles in other popular television series. So, here’s a list of companions from the latest run of Doctor Who and where they are now.

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