‘Doctor Who’ Could Very Well Join The ‘Lego Movie’ Universe For The Sequel

The Doctor is in! At least, he probably will be if all goes according to plan in the talks between Warner Bros. and BBC. According to reports from io9Doctor Who could be well on its way to becoming part of the gang of adventurers and heroes in the sequel to worldwide hit The Lego Movie. The BBC show, beloved all over the world, is already action packed with monsters, mysteries and the perfect amount of snark, so it makes sense for The Doctor and his companion (whoever that may be at the time) to fit right in. One big question is whether or not The 12th Doctor’s magnificent red silk-lined jacket will be just as amazing if he is iterated on the big screen.

The jacket in question, one of the current doctor’s most identifiable features, looked decent in the Lego Dimensions expansion pack, but it’s likely that a team of feature film animators can make it even better. The other major detail to figure out is whether The Doctor would or should have a companion in the movie. In the video game expansion he had trusty robo-pup K-9, but a movie has so much more room to play with characters and relationships so a human companion may be in store. Seeing as it’s animated, any companion from the last decade of Who would work. So who is the best potential option?

Rose and Martha would be best friends with WildStyle in an instant. Donna would play mother to everyone while they are getting into trouble. Amy and Rory would go off on their own adventure, only to be saved by The Doctor and Emmett at the last minute. And Clara, last but not least, would definitely get distracted by Batman’s amazing abs…er, “heroic behavior” and get accidentally separated from the doctor only to then solve the problem on her own. Regardless of who (if anyone) the movie chooses as a sidekick for everyone’s favorite Time Lord, it will be a blast to see him return to the movies for the first time since the middle of last century. If the deal is finalized of course. Until then, pray for this awesome crew to add a grumpy Scottish man to the team.

(Via io9)