‘Doctor Who’ Was Renewed For Another Season. Let’s Celebrate With Some Timely GIFs.

The series seven finale of Doctor Who aired this weekend. We’ll refrain from spoiling it, but there’s an excellent recap here. And though we won’t be getting more Doctor Who until the 50th anniversary special airs November 23rd, we have some good news.

The BBC announced they’ve picked it up for an eighth season. We doubt anybody thought BBC wouldn’t keep Doctor Who going, but what we weren’t sure about is if season eight would have the same showrunner and the same Doctor. BBC says Steven Moffat will return as showrunner, while Matt Smith himself confirms he’s coming back as the Doctor for the anniversary special and the next season.

There’s only one timely way to celebrate this news. GIFs!

That last one has nothing to do with Doctor Who. We just needed you to know it exists.

[Thanks to Joanne Casey, Know Your Meme, Gurlmaigifs, Cheezburger, Buzzfeed, and Patty Boots for the pictures.]