Another ‘Doctor Who’ Season Nine Trailer Is Out, And It’s Full Of Aliens And Maisie Williams

Last month, we got the first full trailer for the upcoming ninth season of Doctor Who, and now a new one has arrived to answer some questions. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) boldly declared that he was here to “save people,” but as Clara (Jenna Coleman) points out, he might not know exactly how he’s going to go about doing that. What’s new about this trailer is what the Doctor and Clara — who is, indeed, back — will be encountering in their many travels across time and space in their trusty TARDIS. For starters: Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones.

We got a great tease of her character in the last trailer, but it’s still not clear who, exactly, she’s playing. But, suffice it to say, she appears to be someone of great importance to the Doctor. You don’t widen your eyes and proclaim “YOU” to just some rando alien walking down the street. So, it’ll be exciting to find out who Williams is playing and how she plans on disturbing the space-time continuum that is surely in jeopardy because that’s how Doctor Who rolls. If she has anything to do with Missy, also known as The Master, this is going to be one wild season. After all, we already have the Doctor recreating the role of the Mad Max guitar guy:

Doctor Who comes back for its ninth season on September 19.

(Source: BBC)